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Linda P. Jones

So many of us crave a deeper spiritual connection, a stronger path to Jesus, and a desire to enlighten the soul. Most of us don’t know where to start. That’s where Rev. Linda P. Jones comes in.

Even if you’ve never studied the scriptures before, WOWTEC e-Academy Mentorship Program is right for you. These monthly courses are structured in a way that anyone can easily follow.

Discover practical and relevant teachings, that enable you to see your life’s experiences in the light of Scripture, find solutions, and lead a deeper relationship with the Lord.

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Linda Jones is an ordained minister and founder of Linda P. Jones Ministries, the online global ministry that brings transformation to lives. This ministry is designed to equip individuals (women and men) through teaching biblical truths that are relevant to every aspect of their personal and spiritual lives. The objective is that men and women will be equipped firstly to experience personal and spiritual transformation before being released to impact their household, communities, the marketplace and nations for the advancement of the kingdom of God in the earth.

Rev. Linda is also founder of the Linda P. Jones WOWTEC e-Academy Mentorship Program. This program provides a fresh and insightful way to engage with the Scriptures. It has been designed to give practical and applicable teachings with actionable steps to help individuals find solutions from the Word of God for their lives, and ultimately lead them into an encounter/or deeper relationship with the Lord.

As an expository teacher Rev. Linda is very personable in her teaching style; she is practical, profound and yet easy to understand; she does not compromise the truth of God’s Word.

Rev. Linda is the founder of Linda P. Jones Women of Worth Ministries. This community is for individuals who are willing and eager to learn; women who are ready to walk out of past hurts, emotional struggles and bondages into freedom, and begin to partner with God in fulfilling their destinies. Through our programs such as our 12 Principles for Soul Survivors, we help guide them on the journey to becoming H.E.RHealed, Equipped and Released to positively impact the world.

Rev. Linda Jones is an author of several books that are geared to bring healing and empowerment to families. She is a sought-after speaker, radio show host of the bi-monthly program Words of Wisdom, and has hosted several conferences, seminars, workshops and productions.

Rev. Linda holds a Bachelor of Theology from Christian International School, Santa Rosa Beach Florida U.SA, a Master of Practical Theology from Master's International University of Divinity, Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A, and is pursuing her Doctorate in Practical Theology.

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